OfferMobi | About Us

OfferMobi is a leading Mobile Performance Advertising Network and a member of the MOKO Social Media family. Offermobi is a boutique network that focuses on providing Advertisers with risk-free performance high quality based advertising campaigns and Publishers with monetization opportunities with great payouts. We know the reality of transparency in traffic sources is not always real. With a publisher parent company in MOKO Social Media, Offermobi is bringing the highest quality traffic, fully transparent to its partners. Our CPA model allows every type of action: CPS, CPL and CPI. We focus on delivering vertically focused campaigns on all operating systems and mobile devices. Our commitment to providing premium services in total transparency and openness to our partners is a fundamental base of success.

  • For our Advertisers, we provide the ability to drive high quality, high volume acquisitions with no risk, as our entire network is on a cost per acquisition model. We help with strategy and optimization to ensure the best consumers.
  • For our Affiliates, we give our affiliates the opportunity to generate additional income from their traffic, as we offer a wide Variety of offers, as well as valuable account services and updates. From big brand names to exclusive offers, we have them here.

Michael Hines, President
Michael (Mike) comes to Offermobi with more than 25 years experience, the last 12 in Online and Mobile Performance Advertising. Most recently he has been providing Strategy Advisory services for Mobile Games, Mobile Content/Advertising and Internet/Performance Marketing companies. Previously was President, North America for Zanox, Europe’s leading Performance Marketing firm.

Mike has global experience having lived and worked in several European and North American cities. He has been a speaker at many trade events. When not focused on business, a rarity, he can be found at wine tastings, in the kitchen, working out or looking for hair growth rejuvenation technologies!

Trena De Landro, Senior Sales Manager
Trena is a digital media strategist, technophile and gadgeteer. Trena has a deep history in Mobile and Online Performance Marketing. She earned her B.S. in Leadership and Management Studies from New York University. She is a third culture kid that grew up in Trinidad, lived in Qatar and Holland, and has visited 36 countries to date. She has a ridiculous sweet tooth and a love of infomercials. At 4'11 she doesn't wish she was taller, and does NOT need caffeine!

Brendan Egan, Affiliate Manager
Brendan is an expert in campaign planning and optimization strategies, always focused on outperforming client goals. He started in the field of digital advertising in 2007 working in both sales and campaign management. Brendan is a 2003 graduate of Ithaca College earning an undergraduate degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Prior to his work in the advertising space Brendan managed his own film / television production business working on both large and small budget projects. Outside of Offermobi Brendan enjoys snowboarding and is what some might consider a halfway decent cook. Oh, an he is always writing comedy, no joke!